Saturday, May 31, 2008


Just got back from an impromptu combined test at Waredaca - we got in just in the nip of time for me to walk the course on Friday, only to discover that the ground was hard as concrete and grass on top greasy and slippery. It was a nightmare. There were actual cracks in the dried ground, and I was slipping around on the hills in my little rubber shoes and my heels were quite sore from the walk! Needless to say I found it very frustrating, because the course was quite inviting with a few bigger jumps but no serious technical questions on nice open rolling land; however, I made the decision on Friday night that, barring some serious rain, I would save Dually's legs for another day (especially after our previous experiences with comparable footing... Young Riders, ESDCTA, May Poplar SJ... the list also matches with some of my most unpleasant rides to date).

I felt a little foolish because nobody else seemed that worried about it, and the course did seem to be riding fabulously, so obviously it was quite hard to stick to my guns come Saturday! However, I think it was for the best; Dually was super obedient in the Dressage (a quality we often lack) and had a marked improvement in his score over Poplar (38.6 v. 43.8) and then was a total rockstar in the show jumping in the beautiful all- weather ring. We had two rails (one I kicked myself for for holding him too tightly into the base and then not giving him total freedom of his head, causing him to tick it behind; the other (at a plank, his nemesis) wasn't particularly my fault but I think if I had ridden more actively to it, knowing his laziness with them, I could have saved it) but the round was so smooth and good- feeling in general that I still thought it was a huge step forward from the Poplar debacle. If only we could have gone xc!

Of course as we pulled out it started to pour down rain, so if Intermediate had been tomorrow much would have been different...

Pictures coming soon!

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