Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Lesson at Suzi's

Yesterday Papa and I headed out to Uxbridge for what will probably be my last lesson with Suzi at her house in a long, long time.  It was definitely a little sad!  Dually was a star and I was really happy with the quality of canter and jump that he was able to produce (at my prodding haha).  It was so cool to canter around in two point with him flowing forward in front of my leg, so balanced and effortless that I felt like we could do it forever.  Suzi gave us some good general excersizes to keep in mind this coming year:
1) lots of low stretching circles where I am "greedy" with the shape that I create, over- bending and counter bending while maintaining an even circle and not letting him drift around.
2) gymnastics with short distances between (18') and low, wide oxers to encourage him to jump across and use himself better, with me doing an auto release instead of floating the reins to encourage him to stretch.
3) canter bounces with the same auto release.
4) keep doing suppling at the canter in 2- point: canter- counter canter switch ups, lead changes, simple changes, all in a good solid 2- point that encourages him to maintain self- carriage.

Hopefully we'll see her again next summer.  I can't thank Suzi enough for the transformation she has wrought on my riding these past 5 years; she truly has made me who I am today and for that I owe her so so much.

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