Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lesson with Gina with an added Surprise!

For the first time since Richland, Dually and I got to get out and jump today! Gina Miles was kind enough to come up for a 2 day clinic at Woodside, and Dually and I got into a group show jumping lesson this afternoon. Besides being a little too excited that we were jumping again and getting in turn a little bossy at times, Dually was a star and I felt thankfully not rusty. Our big homework for next time is straightness (keep that shoulder in check, especially when going around to the left!) and obediance.

The biggest surprise, though, was walking into the arena to see Gina wearing her olympic silver medal! She brought it for everyone to see and touch - it was so cool!! It was surprisingly heavy and incredibly beautiful. I was inspired to say the least

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