Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday Papa and I saddled up the car and drove up to Pirouette Farm in Norwich, VT where Kiki is getting a winter of training with Jane Hamlin. This was my very first time riding her, as we only got to see her out in the field at Acorn Hill and the finalities of her sale went rhough after I had already left for Stanford. So needless to say I was really excited!!! We got started right away with Jane lunging her and then putting me aboard! After being a little quick to start out (reacting to the Erickson "electric leg"), we had some really nice trot work by the end of the first ride.

The Piros were very kind to let us stay the night on Monday night and we had a great time going out to dinner and reminiscing (though Papa and I were quite the party- poopers, going to bed at 9:30!!). The next morning I got Kiki tacked and lunged myself and then we picked up where we left off, working on straightness and creating an uphill balance. It was nice that she was better from the start and so we could get better from there. We had some really lovely trot moments, and then at the end did some little trot poles and even a little x! The jumping was by far the best part - Kiki was very honest and has a super little jump =). It was so fun! I can't wait to see her again in December.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stanford Show: Round 2

It was a bit of a surprise to find ourselves in the position of having to host back to back shows, but the Stanford Equestrian Team proved again why we're the best in the West by putting on a great one day and pulling out a third consecutive win to boot!

I showed just over fences and got the excellent draw of Calisto! I had never ridden him before but his reputation certainly gave me more rest than that of Rigs last week. I thought we had a good round, just getting a frustratingly long distance to the last that kept us out of the top ribbons.

I had my last ride on Dually after the show before coming home for thanksgiving break - as much as I'll miss Big D, it feels great to be home!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dually the Celebrity!

Last week after I came back from a ride a woman from the Palo Alto Weekly asked if she could take my picture. Next thing I know, Dually is famous!!

This was on the cover of the PA Weekly this week!

First IHSA Show!

warm up riding the fab- jumping Lucy Loo!! I love this horse! Even if she was a bit of a pistol =D

getting ready to ride Phoebe (aka the Beasty) to a 5th place finish in Novice Flat. Yay Phoebe!!

clumping poles after fences phases - aversion of near disaster.

Thank you for not killing me Rigs! haha

a nice example of the height we jump in Novice Fences... ohhh yesss


Rigs, my trusty steed for my first ever IHSA class, Novice over fences!

who says I can't be an eq rider? check out that hunter hair!

This past weekend was my first IHSA show and it was such a blast! Very long days prepping and riding, but so much fun! I got to warm up ride some open horses on Saturday (I pretty much want Lucy =D) and warm up Dually for HIS IHSA debut... for which he was a total star (of course). Then, on Sunday it was my turn to ride! I little bit of a disappointing debut with a tough draw that I thought I rode well but still stayed out of the ribbons. On the flat I pulled fellow team- member Jane's horse Phoebe, who was sweet as could be and, besides jigging a few steps in the walk, was absolutely perfect. I still haven't perfected eq position (its like a foreign language!), but still managed a 5th place in Novice Flat. Stanford was amazing as usual, and we hosted a great show. As a "bonus," because all the horses are sick at Davis where our next meet is scheduled to be, we have been surprise asked to host again next week. If anyone can do it, we can!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Molly Rosin Clinic

Dually came out of vacation yesterday for a clinic with 2* rider Molly Rosin. Molly was very very complimentary of Dually's quality (something that, after Bobby and Mary Kahan and Mike Huber and Craig and all the others told me that he wasn't a very good horse, always feels good!) and thought that he had real potential. We worked alot on lengthening and loosening his body by doing forward bending stretching on a long rein. I definitely had to keep reminding myself not to grab his face as we marched along! It was fun to see Molly get on him, too, and show me the change that she was looking for. We then did some jumping, carrying over the same idea of length and looseness that we had had in the flatwork, and he jumped fabulously. Very fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Even More Galway Photos!


Candy time!!

What a handsome man

chillin with the Grey Brook set up

ready to roll?

yeah let's roll, soul

the box

heading out on A... the adventure begins!

coming off A... reliving race memories that Dually never even had haha


C Hold

Out of the C hold and onto the rest of Phase C!

coming into the box

in the D box after a perfect xc round!

prepping for jogs

It's impossible to describe how much I love this horse...

Galway Final

What a wonderful end to the year!

It was an early, busy morning today to get ready for the jogs but the work paid off and Dually looked fabulous and passed with flying colors. It was then a long wait (during which time Dually rolled and got shavings in his braids - whoops!) for the show jumping which allowed for plenty of time for nerves to sink in; by the time I had to get on I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous! However, I fortunately allowed for enough time for a leisurely warmup and we had both relaxed nicely when it came time to jump. With Gina's help we had a short, sweet jumping warmup and then it was time to go in the ring. The course was set to maximum for CCI* (3'9") and was very big and technical. Needless to say I was a little nervous, as we were on the cusp of the ribbons and Dually and I are not famous for our show jumping ability! However, from the first line on I knew that we were going to have a good day, and with a combination of good riding, good jumping, and healthy dose of luck we cruised around double clear!!! I was so happy! The course ended up causing a lot of problems and so we moved up significantly on our clear round, ending in 4th overall (after starting the day in 9th, and the weekend in 14th). We also got 2nd for the under-21s (and a Cavalry Award to boot!) and my under-21 team won the NJYRTC CCI* Western Championship. We got coolers and trophies and big fat championship ribbons - I was so happily shocked!

After giving Dually about 5 pounds of anise stars we loaded up and headed back to Stanford and the real world. He traveled well and I hope he'll now enjoy his EXTREMELY well- deserved vacation. What a star!!

The whole family after cross country.

Pa does a test jog while I watch

yay jogs...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Galway CCI* Update

I never want to do a horse trial again!!!

Dually and I had the Endurance phase of the Galway CCI* w/ steeplechase today; it was SO FUN! Steeplechase was fabulous: 6 jumps, 640 meters/min, probably the most fun you can have on a horse. After we got off I felt bulletproof. I got into the 10 min box a little early and had a great pit crew (the whole family, the Tallyho crew, and Gina Miles!) that Dually cooled off and ready to roll with 4 minutes to go - we even had enough time to get grease on all four legs! (a distinct improvement over Dually's Morven). Phase D was the icing on the cake: Dually went out like gangbusters and never look back. We stormed around and came in only 8 seconds over time!

Jogs are at 8am tomorrow, and showjumping is at 1:30.

Warming up for dressage... a rare moment of harmony

coming off steeplechase

so happy!

in the box with Pa and Gina

Off to cross coutnry
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