Sunday, November 16, 2008

First IHSA Show!

warm up riding the fab- jumping Lucy Loo!! I love this horse! Even if she was a bit of a pistol =D

getting ready to ride Phoebe (aka the Beasty) to a 5th place finish in Novice Flat. Yay Phoebe!!

clumping poles after fences phases - aversion of near disaster.

Thank you for not killing me Rigs! haha

a nice example of the height we jump in Novice Fences... ohhh yesss


Rigs, my trusty steed for my first ever IHSA class, Novice over fences!

who says I can't be an eq rider? check out that hunter hair!

This past weekend was my first IHSA show and it was such a blast! Very long days prepping and riding, but so much fun! I got to warm up ride some open horses on Saturday (I pretty much want Lucy =D) and warm up Dually for HIS IHSA debut... for which he was a total star (of course). Then, on Sunday it was my turn to ride! I little bit of a disappointing debut with a tough draw that I thought I rode well but still stayed out of the ribbons. On the flat I pulled fellow team- member Jane's horse Phoebe, who was sweet as could be and, besides jigging a few steps in the walk, was absolutely perfect. I still haven't perfected eq position (its like a foreign language!), but still managed a 5th place in Novice Flat. Stanford was amazing as usual, and we hosted a great show. As a "bonus," because all the horses are sick at Davis where our next meet is scheduled to be, we have been surprise asked to host again next week. If anyone can do it, we can!

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