Saturday, November 1, 2008

Galway CCI* Update

I never want to do a horse trial again!!!

Dually and I had the Endurance phase of the Galway CCI* w/ steeplechase today; it was SO FUN! Steeplechase was fabulous: 6 jumps, 640 meters/min, probably the most fun you can have on a horse. After we got off I felt bulletproof. I got into the 10 min box a little early and had a great pit crew (the whole family, the Tallyho crew, and Gina Miles!) that Dually cooled off and ready to roll with 4 minutes to go - we even had enough time to get grease on all four legs! (a distinct improvement over Dually's Morven). Phase D was the icing on the cake: Dually went out like gangbusters and never look back. We stormed around and came in only 8 seconds over time!

Jogs are at 8am tomorrow, and showjumping is at 1:30.

Warming up for dressage... a rare moment of harmony

coming off steeplechase

so happy!

in the box with Pa and Gina

Off to cross coutnry

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