Monday, November 3, 2008

Galway Final

What a wonderful end to the year!

It was an early, busy morning today to get ready for the jogs but the work paid off and Dually looked fabulous and passed with flying colors. It was then a long wait (during which time Dually rolled and got shavings in his braids - whoops!) for the show jumping which allowed for plenty of time for nerves to sink in; by the time I had to get on I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous! However, I fortunately allowed for enough time for a leisurely warmup and we had both relaxed nicely when it came time to jump. With Gina's help we had a short, sweet jumping warmup and then it was time to go in the ring. The course was set to maximum for CCI* (3'9") and was very big and technical. Needless to say I was a little nervous, as we were on the cusp of the ribbons and Dually and I are not famous for our show jumping ability! However, from the first line on I knew that we were going to have a good day, and with a combination of good riding, good jumping, and healthy dose of luck we cruised around double clear!!! I was so happy! The course ended up causing a lot of problems and so we moved up significantly on our clear round, ending in 4th overall (after starting the day in 9th, and the weekend in 14th). We also got 2nd for the under-21s (and a Cavalry Award to boot!) and my under-21 team won the NJYRTC CCI* Western Championship. We got coolers and trophies and big fat championship ribbons - I was so happily shocked!

After giving Dually about 5 pounds of anise stars we loaded up and headed back to Stanford and the real world. He traveled well and I hope he'll now enjoy his EXTREMELY well- deserved vacation. What a star!!

The whole family after cross country.

Pa does a test jog while I watch

yay jogs...

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