Thursday, November 13, 2008

Molly Rosin Clinic

Dually came out of vacation yesterday for a clinic with 2* rider Molly Rosin. Molly was very very complimentary of Dually's quality (something that, after Bobby and Mary Kahan and Mike Huber and Craig and all the others told me that he wasn't a very good horse, always feels good!) and thought that he had real potential. We worked alot on lengthening and loosening his body by doing forward bending stretching on a long rein. I definitely had to keep reminding myself not to grab his face as we marched along! It was fun to see Molly get on him, too, and show me the change that she was looking for. We then did some jumping, carrying over the same idea of length and looseness that we had had in the flatwork, and he jumped fabulously. Very fun!

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