Monday, January 5, 2009

USEA blog

A blog that I wrote for the USEA is up on the USEA website!


Pamela Blades Eckelbarger said...

Yo Katie!! I just now discovered your blog (I use Google Alerts to notify me when Hoof Pix images are being used and today's alert sent me here)!

So I've been sitting here for quite a while reading your posts and getting caught up on all of your adventures since I last saw you. I am also working on my own blog for Hoof Pix. I started a temporary blog with Google blogger, but am trying to custom design a theme with Wordpress right now.

Irish is good, enjoying his time off. We leave for Aiken at the end of this month, returning in early April.

I will check back when I can, so keep those posts coming... you ARE in school, right?!

Luv, Pam

Sam Johnston said...

Katie!!! i just read the article and it's super! i really wish you would be in aiken this year :( keep the posts coming. are you competing this winter??

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