Saturday, July 25, 2009

On the Upside...


I've been keeping it quiet until everything went through, but Ringmoylan (Ringo) is now safely in California and ready to try out his new job of taking care of me! I couldn't be more excited, and though it is going to be very sad to let Dually go to another rider, I'm delighted that that rider is my papa and I know that they are going to have a wonderful time.

Here is me trying Ringo a few weeks ago:


Suzie said...

"Safely in California." You're cute. I'm not sure if you heard or not, but Ringo is quite the escape artist and no longer allowed to go in the electric paddocks out back. I was riding another horse (Sandy) after feeding and putting out all the other horses when I look over and see this spotted horse moseying around in the previously empty middle paddock. I ride over, hop off my mount and close the fence. I get back on and continue to ride when I here some commotion from the back paddocks again. Little Ringo is now out of the middle paddock and in with James in the nearest paddock! Both of them thought that was the neatest thing since rolled oats and were snorting and prancing around in celebration of Ringo's cleverness.

I hopped off Sandy, handed him off to the nearest pair of free hands and separated the two hooligans and brought them in with Jessica's help.

By the way, very cute trot on him! I can't wait to see him go! Will you be down here for a bit so I can see him working? ;)

Suzie said...

WOW. You got yourself one gutsy horse, there!


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