Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rebecca Farm Day Five

Today was a very quiet day, as I had dressage yesterday and cross country tomorrow. Dually got a nice rest for the bulk of the day, going out for a few hand walks during the day and a nice 40 minute hack around the property in the evening but otherwise chilling in his stall out of the heat. I had a lot of odds and ends tasks to finish: Gina and I walked and wheeled the course this morning (I had walked late last night to get familiar with the route and start to plan some strategies) and then walked and wheeled the steeplechase in the afternoon. I had a few last minute things to buy for the ten minute box, including a new cross country watch as mine has gone mysteriously missing... well not so mysteriously, as my trailer looks like a hurricane recently swept through. Its a miracle I can find my saddles in there. We've had that cross country watch since my father started eventing a dozen years ago, so it seemed fairly inevitable that the time for a new one was coming fast. Finally, after some discussions with Gina about Dually's poor drinking over the past few days, which had basically slowed to no drinking at all in the last 24 hours, that we would give the dude some fluids tonight for preventative purposes for tomorrow, even though Dually wasn't showing any obvious signs of dehydration besides some less than ideal capillary refill times on a neck pull test. I couldn't get the nightmare of Young Riders 2007 out of my head, and so felt relieved when we decided to do it. The vet came at about 7:30 and the procedure took about an hour; the dude was super well behaved and I hope it will help him feel his very best for tomorrow. I'm getting super excited!

Gina and Bec both went cross country today. Here are some photos I got of them:

The absurdly gorgeous view of the xc course from atop one of the big mounds.

Gina and Abby

Bec and Telac

Gina and Patrick

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