Friday, July 24, 2009

Rebecca Farm Day Three

Today was another quieter day at Rebecca Farm. The competition still hasn't started proper, though we did have the briefing this evening to get things under way. Dually and I had a nice flat lesson in the morning with Gina. I was very excited because I was finally able to produce the quality of canter work for Gina that I've been able to produce when I'm all alone with no one watching me at home. Now to produce that again with not only Gina, but three judges, watching on Thursday!

After the flat school in the morning, Dually had a quiet afternoon while I went out and watched Young Event Horse class and worked on evening out my ridiculously extreme farmer's tan. At 6pm we had the competitors briefing, where we got a few key questions answered (top and tails for the long format three day is a go! Hooray =D). Afterward, the three of us doing the Prelim Classic were asked to stay; we got to meet all of the officials personally, many of whom thanked us for choosing to do the long format. That was a first: to get thanked for simply entering an event! We then discussed times for touring the roads and tracks tomorrow, as they weren't quite prepared by briefing time. The steeplechase fences just got put out this afternoon; I already can't wait to get galloping!

Warming up for our lesson with Gina Miles

practicing on "the surface" with Gina

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