Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shepherd Ranch PC Horse Trials

We survived!!! Or rather, Ringo survived my nerves =D. This past weekend I headed down to Santa Ynez (near Santa Barbara) for my first event with Ringo. The little black and white was foot-perfect from start to finish! We had a pretty mediocre dressage due to me not giving him the best warm up possible, but he still had some good moments and ended up with a 35 for a middle of the pack placing. It's exciting to think how much more brilliant he can be when I ride him to his fullest potential. He was then brilliant on cross country, despite being surprisingly wild in the warm up! It was one of the most fun rounds I've had in a long time, and I was pleasantly surprised to come in with only 3.6 time penalties despite not wearing a watch. On show jumping morning I was painfully nervous, but Ringo really stepped up to the plate and was an angel in the warmup, and then produced an awesome double clear show jumping round. I couldn't have been more pleased!! We ended up 6th and won the award for top Pony Clubber. Good boy Ringo!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cross Country Schooling with Ringo!!

Tuesday was a very exciting day! Ringo and I, along with Gina and Bec and few other of their students, went down to Shepherd Ranch for a cross country school. This was not only my first cross country school with Ringo but my first school with any horse other than Dually in many many years. I was a little apprehensive! Ringo was a perfect professor, and took excellent care of me from start to finish. He requires a different ride than Dually, for sure, and it definitely took me a few jumps to get adjusted. I had to give Ringo a lot of pats for putting up with me during that time! By the end of the school, though, we were clicking much better and jumped around the preliminary questions with ease. It was so cool!! What a good boy Ringo =).
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