Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Photos from the Woodside H/J Show

Here are some photos from the Woodside hunter jumper show over Labor Day weekend. The little black and white was such a star!! Ringo popped around the 1.10s and the 1.15s like they were a joke, though some pilot error on my part in both classes clearly shows that I've got some more homework to do =)

It was really awesome that my mom could come out; she is a good horsewoman but she travels a lot and doesn't get to watch me compete that often, so it was a big treat to have her come watch. It was the first time she'd really seen Ringo go since we tried him in July; he got the stamp of approval, to say the least!

Getting a bath the day before.

Getting tacked up at the horse park . . . Ringo looks dubious at best about the situation

Pretty Woodside


My mom couldn't get enough of this: in the warm up there was a young girl on a pony (or possibly very small horse) who was Ringo's mini twin! They were actually really creepily similar. We were wicked intimidated haha.

Coolest moment of the show: right after this warm up fence, Bec (who was coaching me that day) told me to come around to the vertical. Unfortunately, she was mounted at the time and so didn't have control of the fences. By the time I came around the turn, another coach had jacked up the 3'6" vertical to 4'3"! I didn't really have time to chicken out, so we popped over it like no big deal. This horse is incredible.

Locked and loaded for the 1.15s

Bec and I reviewing my performance. . . Good boy Ringo!!

Ringo was a super star practicing the 5 Bar yesterday. It was good to jump him again after Twin and remember that his brief lapse of sanity in the warm up there was the exception, not the norm! He is so ridiculously fun.

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Albigears said...

Congrats! He looks fabulous!

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