Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now THAT was fun!

Today Papa and I had a bit of a change of pace... we went to the beach! I rode Dually and Papa rode Paddy, so it felt very nostalgic of the old days. The weather was bright and sunny but, as we realized when we got to the last service road before the beach and saw cattails on the roadside lying on their sides, insanely windy! It was even windier on the beach itself, with 25mph sustained winds and up to 40mph gusts. The wind was so much that there was actually a knee-high river of loose sand whipping over the firm low tide sand that we were riding over. It was surreal and incredibly gorgeous.

We rode about three miles south along the tide line at the walk and trot, marveling at the rivers of sand and playing in and out of the surf. The wind was on our back on the way down, so everything went pretty peachily, despite Dually and Paddy's suspicions of the surf line. We did a little canter with the wind at our backs before turning around and heading back up. What a difference! We galloped most of the way home, and it was probably one of the most intense and exhilarating gallops I've ever been on. The wind was so intense that I felt like I was getting blown backwards and had to hang onto the neck strap for dear life just to stay in two point! Dually was awesome, digging in and pushing harder than ever; it really proved his class. It's hard to tell how fast we were actually going (probably not that fast!) but it certainly felt like we were breaking the land speed record. We pulled up three miles later wind-blown, salt-rimed, peppered with spray, and ecstatic. It was probably one of the most fun single rides I've ever been on. What good boys!

It's hard to believe that my week at home is nearly over. It's been so fun! Fortunately, I'll be back in just two (incredibly busy!) weeks. And soon Kiki-liki will be down in Massachusetts too!

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