Friday, December 4, 2009

Serious Bummer

Well the past two days have not gone completely according to plan, to say the least! After surviving some serious rodeo antics from one of the school horses on Tuesday and enjoying a seriously high energy ride ride (with minor bronco action) from Ringo on Wednesday morning, I was really feeling ready to be done with fresh winter horses. Well, my good friend Calisto had other plans, and I ended up in the dirt on Wednesday afternoon after he corkscrewed and dropped his shoulder after a fence. Thanks man!! I ended up landing very hard on my back and tore a ligament in my lower back in addition to some big contusions and muscular strain. The prognosis: 6 to 8 weeks off of riding!! Fortunately Gina has agreed to take Ringo early, so he'll go down this weekend and stay in training with her until I can start riding again in mid to late January, but I'm still so bummed I don't know what to do with myself. I've been feeling so good with my riding and am really frustrated to have to be sidelined for so long now. I know that this is part of horses, and part of me recognizes that if such an accident had to happen, this was the time (right in the holidays where I won't be doing much riding anyway) . . . but still. I'm feeling pretty low.

Calisto just seconds before he decided the ride was over . . . bastard.

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