Monday, February 16, 2009

IHSA at Davis... at Last! and some other details

A Few weeks ago Stanford restarted the 2008-09 show season with a bang, earning a win on tough horses at UC Davis. This was my first away show, and I was very happy to come home with my best flat placing to date, 3rd on a little mustang named Reddy!

Check out those boots and GPA! =D I'm slowing being turned into a hunter...

cantering to 3rd on Reddy

Probably the most interesting part of the weekend, however, happened the next day, when I made my IHSA Western Debut after only 15min of Western Instruction ever! Needless to say I was a little nervous but I survived and even got a 6th place (of 7... haha) for one point for Stanford!

Chillin before my Western debut

Early morning western rides


The Next weekend Stanford hosted a double show to close out the regular season. I didn't show but did some warmup riding on Saturday. SET dominated again, winning both days and finishing with an undefeated season and a 90-pt lead in the region! YAY SET!!

Warming up Flash on Saturday

...Finally, I wanted to include some pictures I took a few weeks ago from an evening hack on Dually. Big D is doing great and is feeling extremely full of himself... as he should! We have started jumping a little bigger and are currently testing out a new jumping bit -- a happy mouth gag with two reins as opposed to the simple happy mouth loose ring I used before. Given the amount of horse I got on the recovery side of the three day, I think it was a smart upgrade and Dually seems to like it quite a bit. Various reasons have postponed our season debut to April, but I'm not worrying - I'm having way too much fun riding the dude to care much about getting out to competitions at the moment =D.

Mu favorite view...
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