Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kiki is in California!

Very quick post as I just got back and am exhausted from a looong and ridiculously rainy day on the road, but Kiki is safe and sound in California!! She got picked up at midnight from home, drove down to Newark, hopped on a FedEx, and was in LAX by 5pm! The wonders of modern technology. I was there to pick her up (to reiterate, after slogging through some of the craziest rain I've ever seen, let alone drive in... it was right up there with the time I drove through that tornado that hit Aiken, except stretched out over 5 hours instead of 30 minutes) and she was an absolute STAR the entire way home. The shippers were also very complementary of her good behavior on the flight - good girl Kiki! She was pretty tired by the time we got to Rancho del Rio (she'd been on the road for 25+ hours!!) but settled into her new stall very well with a roll and a big drink of water. What a champ! She'll get some nice settle in time for the next few days (and try not to get washed away with the insane rainfall we're supposed to keep getting through the end of the week) and then the real fun will begin. I'm so excited to have her here!

1 comment:

Beth said...

You can FedEx a horse, will wonders never cease :)

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