Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kiki's One Week Anniversary in California!

How in love am I with this little chica? =)

Kiki has settled in wonderfully and is a pleasure to go out and ride every day. She is such a champion on the ground; I don't think I've seen her even bat an eye at anything we've encountered yet, and I love how she lets me rub her all over her forehead and and actually enjoys it! (I've always had rather aloof horses in this department). After lunging her before her first ride ever at Rancho del Rio, she's been checked out to just tack up and go and has been super well behaved. A few spooks here and there and a little bit of baby distraction but in general she is so hard working and eager to please. She is still pretty young in her balance and strength but no one can deny that she is CUTE AS A BUTTON!! I also can't help but smile when I ride her because it reminds me so much of being back on the Connemara ponies, just sized up enough to fit my adult-sized legs =).

In other news, I had a very positive and productive day today on every horse I got on. Yay!


Andrea said...

Hooray! Kick that seasonal depression in the butt! ;)

Katherine Erickson said...

Yay! And did I mention that Kiki is barefoot and beautiful?? =) She might get shoes on later in the summer when the ground gets rock hard, but she's loving the barefoot life right now!

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