Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Week in Pictures

My camera has been without a lens for a while now (but I ordered one a few days ago! A straight 50mm, like I had back in high school =D), and I've been going crazy not being able to take pictures. So, a week ago, I picked up a crappy disposable one; with it I could document the gross rain we got last week, Kiki's first full day in California, Hearst Castle, and Kiki's one week anniversary. Happily, they turned out better than expected! (Given the mysterious "X" brand of the camera and the fact that it was held together by a flimsy cardboard cover, my expectations were low).

(Ringo says: "Umm, there's a river running through the barnyard! Doesn't that mean I can come in???")

(The big guy himself)

(Kiki's full day in California; she's probably very confused that she went from her pampered life in VT to some mud hole with that random girl who used to visit every now and then)


(The Pacific from The Enchanted Hill at Hearst Castle)

(The main house at Hearst Castle)

(The beautiful hills on 46 heading back from San Simeon)

(Kiki's one week anniversary!! What a cutie)


Heidi said...

Kiki is adorable! Hope you stay afloat :-)

Serena said...

That girl has LEGS! She is adorable!

Sam said...

Kiki is such a striking color! Her dapples are gorgeous. And those photos are shockingly clear for being from a disposable.

Andrea said...

That's not Stanford is it? I keep trying to picture it the way my old roommate describes it and I can't seem to at all!

Katherine Erickson said...

Aw thanks guys! She is the cutest =). And no, that's not at Stanford. I'm currently on leave of absence for the spring semester to ride more and am down at Gina Miles' in Atascadero (three hours south of Stanford) - Gina's barn is nice but it can't really live up to the country club that is the Red Barn!!

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