Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh Qu'il Neige en Nouvelle Angleterre!

So I've been blogging up a storm these past few days... probably in response to the real storm of snow that's been going on outside! We've gotten about 10" since New Years Eve, with the white stuff finally letting off late this morning. For the most part I've been cooped up inside (being a distinctly wussy hothouse flower when it comes to cold weather), but today Papa and I took all the dogs and Dually outside for a romp in the snow. It was so much fun! Dually was ├╝ber frisky but well behaved. Papa had the new lens on the camera that we got for Mom for christmas, and got some pretty beautiful pictures.

(Wiley looking FIERCE)

(Pretty Boy)

(So much fun!)

(Yeehaw! Dually reacts to some demons in the woods)

(Enjoying the deep stuff)

(Wiley being possibly not as helpful as he could be)

(SUCH a good boy)


Lindzer said...

Adorable photos, well ridden too! (:

Katherine Erickson said...


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