Friday, January 8, 2010

Tufts Adventure

Yesterday I made a trip that I really despise making: I went down to the Tufts University Large Animal Hospital in Grafton, Mass. It's not a hard drive, nor a particularly long one, but the connotations of going down there are never good, as we usually only go down there in the very worst of equine emergencies. Yesterday, however, was mostly an exception to the rule. I went down with our homebred, Jack, to get a bone scan done on his back to try to help explain his unpredictable and dangerous behavior under saddle that developed suddenly a year ago.

The trip went very uneventfully (besides taking an hour to get the little dude on the trailer!), and once we got there I actually got to enjoy and marvel at the quality of this facility without the grey dread that usually accompanies visits there. It really is an impressive clinic, with a labyrinth of heated horse-sized corridors connecting quarantine with stabling, various surgery theaters, examination areas, and treatment rooms. Jack was a very good boy for the whole process, even for his is brief imprisonment in the very frightening and tiny quarantine stall.

The vets did find some serious sensitivity in his lower back and decided to keep him overnight to do some bone scans. Today, they found some interesting irregularities in his C6 vertebrae (strangely, very little in the low back!) and decided to keep him longer to do more tests. It appears he has a lesion somewhere in his neck that is interfering with his neck vertebrae, though only ultrasounds (which unfortunately can't occur until Monday) will confirm.

Fingers crossed for Jackie!

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