Saturday, January 2, 2010

Up to See the Little Chica

Papa and I battled wind and snow this morning to make it up to Norwich, VT, to see Kiki one time before I head back to California. I know I'm not supposed to ride until the second week of January, but I've been feeling so good physically that I just couldn't help myself. I did for sure feel a little apprehensive on the way up, though, because I haven't ridden seriously in (what has felt like!) ages and the last time I rode Kiki I definitely had to be on my toes.

When we got there, the farm was looking pretty as a postcard all bundled up in snow - it was a great day to appreciate the lovely attached indoor and heated tack room! After struggling a bit to extract Kiki from her paddock (where she had situated herself in the absolute farthest corner from the gate, of course), I brought her in to try on all of the awesome stuff we got her for christmas! Everything fit really well, even my old saddle - yay! She's going to be such a fancy little princess with all of her new stuff.

After fussing over her for a while I got on and was immediately happy to be back in the saddle. Kiki was an absolute star and felt night and day on the flat from the last time I rode her. Her trotwork really is coming along well and while her canter is still pretty babyish her stride length has gotten much longer and I think its only a matter of time until she starts feeling really really good. I felt pretty green for the first few minutes and have definitely larded up a bit over the past month (it's been one month to the day since I fell!) but in general thought I did an ok job. I'm really excited to start riding her more regularly; she's an interestingly composite ride of some of my favorite horses I've had before: a little ponyish like Dually and a little hot like Ringo, with a little bit of marish sensitivity like the connemaras thrown in. I get a vibe from her that reminds me a lot of Lady, one of my favorite connemara broodmares from my childhood, and that really excites me; if she turns out anywhere near as awesome as Lady, I'll be a very happy girl.

(Me looking wicked rusty but Kiki looking super cute nonetheless.)

(This picture isn't very technically correct for either of us, but there's something about it that I like)

(Cute girl!)

After some good flatwork, Jane started walking around and setting some fences and talking about a course for me to jump. I was pretty agog, and I think even said something along the lines of, "You mean today???" I definitely was not planning on jumping my first day back in the saddle! Jane just laughed and told me to get going. I figured that if Jane thought it was an ok idea, it must be fine, and set off with a smile. I was definitely a little rusty!! But had an awesome time. Kiki was bold and put up really well with me being not as strong as I should have been with my upper body at the base of the fence. She's got a great little jump! She does bid a little bit but doesn't feel scary at all. I just was embarrassed that I could barely stay with her in the air!

(Yikes! Thanks for putting up with me, Kiki!)

(Looking pretty darn cute)

Kiki will come out to California at the end of the month. I think she's looking forward to being a California girl! I certainly hope she'll enjoying not having to wade through cannon-high snow to get around her field =).

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