Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cross Country Schooling...

...Got rained out. Boo.

But I was very proactive and completely reorganized my truck and trailer in the meantime. It looks awesome!! I'm going to take a photo today so that in a few weeks when it looks like a nuclear bomb went off inside I can remember how beautiful it was (and maybe have an idea of where to put everything back... sigh).

I'm stuck at the house this morning doing endless loads of laundry from the horse show. Pretty. Darn. Exciting. To pass the time I've been updating my expense report files (a very depressing task, given the imbalance between the income and expense columns) and playing around with my photo portfolio. I've never mentioned it on here before, but I've got a photo blog over on Wordpress called With 10 Miles Behind Me that I'm getting pretty excited about as it progresses; it's a load of fun and definitely makes a nice break with the horse world I am otherwise completely ensconced in! I went up to Big Sur yesterday evening to take some photos with the blog in mind. It was insanely beautiful and I hope that some of the pictures I took (the joy of film - the element of surprise when it gets developed!!) capture at least a hint of that. We'll see.

Random photo of the day:

(Pa and I (with me behind the lens) feeding the horses on christmas morning at the farm. I've been feeling pretty homesick lately but photos like this one always make me smile)

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