Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cross Country Schooling...

... Was awesome!!

This is very quick because I'm off to feed the horses, but Ringo and I had a blast at Ram Tap yesterday! The forecast of rain didn't come to pass and it was lovely and sunny (and green!!) out on the course. Besides seriously not liking the constant sound of gun shots from the firing range next door or the freight trains hauling by every few minutes (fortunately, he didn't care about the power station on the property!! Seriously, Ram Tap is ghetto), Ringo was super calm and well behaved from the start. He jumped really well, and I definitely could feel myself combining the things I was working on last fall (the "cruising position" with distinct rebalancing phases before each fence) with what I've been working on these past few weeks (carrying my hands and following with my arms to the fence and KEEPING THE LEG ON right down to the base) to great success. Good boy Ringo!!

Plus, I had a travel companion for the 5 hour round trip there and back, which made every thing much more pleasant! Now I just have to detox from the Burger King lunch AND In-N-Out dinner that I indulged in. . . yikes.

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