Monday, February 1, 2010

End of January Wrap Up and February Goals

Well, January has officially come to an end, and it seems like already everyone at the barn (myself definitely included) is scrambling to get everything in before the show season begins in earnest. Having grown up in Massachusetts where January is a time for putting along and certainly not even really hoping to prepare for a show, it's so strange for me to be sitting here on January 31st contemplating whether I'm ready to leave for my first big show of the year (in less than 48 hours!!). I definitely find it a little tougher to be riding and thinking my best this time of year (see my post of a few days ago), and so it's a it of a shame that the season here basically ends at the end of May, right when I normally start to get cooking and really enjoying myself. But, what are you going to do? I'm still SO EXCITED to be showing, especially after a good jump school with Bec yesterday. I may not be showing at the height I'd initially hoped, but I think there will be a class offered at the height I'm comfortable at (a real fear a few days earlier, when I was barely jumping a 2' box on the ground). No matter how big or small the jumps, it's going to be an invaluable experience to get out in the ring five days in a row and ride some courses. I can't wait!

Now, to goals. I really wanted to be better with my goal-setting and achieving this year, so I'm trying to do monthly goals. Here's what I had for January:

- Get back in the saddle

check! And then some!

- start learning Intermediate test

Check! I've even ridden it in front of a judge once

- start jumping again


- feel confident jumping 3'6" on any given day

Nope - when I first got back I was, but then I hit a slump. I've got to get more consistent.

- whip my own ass into gear

Check - but there's always more to do!

- resolve bitting issue for sj and xc

Check? I do have a new jumping bit for the dude that works great for sj, but I haven't gotten to test it yet xc

- kick my own position, on flat and over fences, into gear

Not yet - but the 30+ minutes of sitting trot without stirrups I've been doing over the past four days haven't hurt! Fences position is feeling pretty good when I concentrate on it; my flat position still leaves a lot to be desired on any horse other than Jenny, who has the most lovely comfortable gaits.

- get out cross country schooling

Nope - got rained out (would have gone on the 30th).

- sort out living arrangements

Check - I'm living with Gina until the 15th or so and then move into the house at Rancho. No furniture but very pleased.

- sort out work arrangements

Not really - I'm working for my Mom's company doing online research for one of her books, and have the prospect of getting hired as her more full-time research assistant, but that's dependent on some factors that are out of my control. I'd like to get a real day job, at least part time.

Well, all in all not bad. I think I set myself pretty softball goals for January, but at the time I didn't know how much my back injury was going to hamper my return to riding. For February, I'm hoping to get a little more specific:

-feel confident jumping 3'6" - 3'9" on Ringo on any given day

-practice the "light three point" seat on both Ringo and Kiki

-survive Thermal with a smile!

-feel confident in Intermediate coursework on Ringo

-get out cross-country schooling on Ringo

-have a good sitting trot by the end of the month!!

-ride as many horses as they'll let me get on at Rancho

-practice Intermediate Test A until I could do it in my sleep

-start working on Intermediate B

-sort out work arrangements

-get out to, and have a blast at, my first event of the season on Ringo at Twin Rivers! =)

-stay positive

-go out and do at least one "me" thing a week

-work on improving Kiki's balance at the canter

-get confident over small fences at home with Kiki

-take Kiki off the property at least once

-get at least one flat lesson a week on Kiki

-take either Ringo or Kiki to the beach!!! (Ok this one is not so serious, but it would be totally awesome!)

It's a lot to do! But I think we can get it done.

Today's random photo:

(Riding Iceman for SET)

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