Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photos from Rainbow

Here are some photos from this past weekend at Rainbow. Fun times!

(Danielle and Bec trotting up McKinlaigh's hill)

(After shutting the Man From Snowy River gate, heading down the arroyo)

(Ringo looking pumped and ready to go. Me looking... stupid)

(Reining it in after things got a little western on the ridgeline!)

(Kiki is off on her first Rainbow adventure)

(suspicious of her rider's behavior)

(Kiki's babysitter, Cedric, contemplates the gorgeous vista...)

(...and is an excellent gate closer!)

(Good girl Kiki! Putting up with even extremely questionable horsemanship at the end of the ride)



Andrea said...

Haha, "extremely questionable horsemanship" XD
SO JEALOUS! I get to gallop in a crappy old hayfiend.. you get to gallop HERE!

Suzie said...

Hey look! It's me and the giraffe!

Great pictures Kate! And I'm glad that Kiki was so well behaved! What a star.

Heidi said...

Wish I could beam me and my TB, Jack down there from WA! That looks like a fantastic place to ride! And Kiki is adorable as always :-)

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