Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Ring is Open, the Jumps are Out!

Well today was an exciting day! After spending the past week forlornly walking past the padlocked and sealed outdoor arena because of the rain we've been getting recently, today was the day the gates were finally thrown open again and we got to jump! I know I'm definitely one of the lucky ones at the barn, having just come back from Thermal, because plenty of other folks haven't jumped since mid-January at this point, but it still felt really really good to put on the jumping tack again and have a lesson.

I rode Kiki first on my own and she was so fabulous! She's come leaps and bounds since the last time I rode her in the jump ring, and trotted and cantered all the cavaletti like it was no big thing. She even, in a moment of possible insanity (and definite mane grabbing) on my part, trotted right up to and over a 2'6" vertical with no ground line - this from a horse that is notoriously bad at trotting fences! What a star!!

I then had a semi private with Gina on Ringo. Ringo was definitely noticing that the jumps had moved around since the last time he was in there, that the sun was shining after a good number of grey days, and that he was feeling FABULOUS. Perhaps a little too fabulous at moments! After spending the first part of the ride trying to regain my balance and simultaneously get the dude more under control, we finally started clicking and had a great finish to the ride. Good boy!

Hopefully we're going to Rainbow to gallop tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
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