Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twin Rivers Horse Trials - RAINMAGGEDON!!

Well. THAT wasn't really much fun at all! On Friday afternoon, as we had all feared, the skies opened up and dumped 3" of rain overnight on an already saturated Twin Rivers. After almost getting to go xc on Friday afternoon (but being ultimately thwarted by a late ambulance that pushed the start back an hour - since I was already scheduled to go at 5:32, an hour delay was not exactly possible!!), I watched with increasing disappointment as the cross country was cancelled first for saturday and then for sunday as well. Boo! For a while it looked like even the show jumping would have to be abandoned, as the show grounds took on much more the appearance of a water park (complete with rivers, lakes, and people wading around in snorkels!) and people were pulling out left and right, trying to escape before the river overtook the road (no dice - I definitely tested out the watercraft suitability of my truck several times!).

(Jenny Kan stands in the middle of "Lake Twin." Liz Hall photo)

(The road/ford getting back to the highway outside of Twin. Liz Hall photo)

We waited it out until this morning, listening as the show was off, then on, then off again, and finally on one more time. When I went up to the warmup to check out the conditions in the show jumping, however, I promptly saw a horse completely wipe out on the landing side of a cross rail, so I decided to scratch. What a bummer! I was definitely hoping improve on our 18th place dressage placing!! Oh well, next time... =)

Here's Ringo's AWESOME 45.9-scoring dressage test. But honestly, check out that trotwork! I still think we've come a long way (though Loris Henry CERTAINLY didn't seem to agree):


Suzie said...

It's techno-y Greensleeves, haha. Enjoy!

Suzie said...

Hey, look what I found! I'm not sure if you have seen this before. Go to 9:30.

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