Saturday, March 6, 2010

Very Delayed February Goal Wrap Up and March Goals

Since I moved into my new house (!!) at Rancho, which has absolutely nothing in it (current furniture in the entire 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath house: 1 mattress, 1 table, 1 desk (non-functioning). That's it.) and certainly no TV or internet, I've been feeling a distinct sense of disconnect from the real world.

(The new digs)

As such, the beginning of the month totally slipped past me, and I forgot to do my February goal review. So here we go, better late than never:

February Goals

-- Feel confident jumping 3'6" - 3'9" on Ringo on any given day
I would say... tentative yes. Definitely feeling confident in the 3'6"-3'9" RANGE, as is mostly 3'6" with a few 3'9" thrown in. Definitely not yet at full 3'9" courses.
-- Practice the "light three point" seat on both Ringo and Kiki
Yes! In my last lesson with Gina she was really pleased with how far I've come in this department and I agree.
-- Survive Thermal with a smile!
Yes! I had a great time and learned a lot.
-- Feel confident in Intermediate coursework on Ringo
Getting there - I can do some intermediate questions, for sure, but am not doing full Intermediate courses, show jumping or cross country, yet.
-- Get out cross-country schooling on Ringo
Yes! And it was awesome!
-- Have a good sitting trot by the end of the month!!
Much better, but still have a long way to go =)
-- Ride as many horses as they'll let me get on at Rancho
Not really; I actually rode fewer horses than in January, which was due to some weird interpersonal issues that were going on at the barn, which was pretty frustrating.
-- Practice Intermediate Test A until I could do it in my sleep
Nope. Since I wasn't going Intermediate at Twin I left this one at the wayside a bit.
-- Start working on Intermediate B
I've learned it and have worked on the movements but have yet to practice it start to finish. Best get on that!
-- Sort out work arrangements
Nope. Bad girl, Kate! Though, because of some news I'll discuss further at the end of this post, it's pretty much a moot point now.
-- Get out to, and have a blast at, my first event of the season on Ringo at Twin Rivers! =)
Well I got out to it, but I wouldn't really say I had a blast, thanks to the weather! But I did definitely feel prepared and pumped in the run-up
-- Stay positive
I'll give myself 1/2 credit for this. It was definitely a tough month, and I faltered sometimes. But in general, it was certainly a better month for me personally than January, though some barn issues in February made things... not always that great feeling. Sigh.
-- Go out and do at least one "me" thing a week
1/2 credit again. I started out the month well, with trips to the beach and up and down the coast, but pooped out by mid-February, and it showed in my outlook.
-- Work on improving Kiki's balance at the canter
Yes! She really feels like she's improving.
-- Get confident over small fences at home with Kiki
Yes! She's still pretty ragged but I feel pretty safe on her and am really enjoying it.
-- Take Kiki off the property at least once
Yes! She was a TOTAL STAR at Rainbow - now she needs to get off the farm more and more!
-- Get at least one flat lesson a week on Kiki
Nope. Not even one! Ringo, I'll admit, got top billing for the month.
-- Take either Ringo or Kiki to the beach!!! (Ok this one is not so serious, but it would be totally awesome!)
Not this month, but hopefully soon! =)

Altogether not a terrible month. I definitely had some frustrating moments, but most of them stemmed from human issues, not equine. I feel like I'm riding so much better, have really gotten to know Ringo better and better, and that our bond is better than ever before. Kiki is blossoming and has improved more than I ever could have dreamed on January 31st. She's a delight every time I get on her (even when she's being a little pissy, like she has been the past few days!!).

So, here are the March goals:

-- Feel comfortable in Intermediate coursework on Ringo any time, any place
-- Get a "7" on Rider on a USEA dressage test
-- Hammer out Intermediate Tests A and B, counter canter and simple changes especially!
-- Do at least one "me" thing a month (really this time)
-- Keep improving the balance of Kiki's canter
-- Be able to trot into a line of fences on Kiki without a meltdown
-- Be able to do a good 3' course on Kiki
-- Move Ringo up to Intermediate at Three Day Ranch
-- Debut on Kiki at Three Day Ranch!!
-- Move Kiki up to Novice at Galway
-- Finalize all pertinent registrations and ownership info for Ringo
-- Find a place to live in Palo Alto for Spring Quarter
-- Find accommodations for Ringo and Kiki in Palo Alto
-- Find instruction for Ringo and Kiki in Palo Alto
-- Sort spring schedule and enroll for classes

Now, these last 4 goals point directly to the big change that's been going down in the past week and a half. For some complicated reasons that I won't go into here, I'm going to be heading back to Stanford in the spring! I'm super bummed to be ending my time of focusing on riding, because I'm feeling like I'm just starting to fire on all cylinders and really improve. Additionally, moving at this time really puts the possibility of being able to go to a spring CCI** (and so Young Riders) into question; it was going to be a big goal even with no other distractions! On the other hand, I would be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't a tiny bit excited to be heading back to school. I've missed my studies and my Stanford friends very dearly, and it will be fun to get back to work. I think I can make it work in a way that I'll be able to continue to improve and grow as a rider; in many ways, finding THAT situation is the big goal of the month. No matter what happens, I want to be set up for a good spring when March comes to a close!

(Ringo is excited for the season to really start... preferably without rain!!)

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