Sunday, April 11, 2010

IHSA Zones

This past weekend my equestrian team hosted the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Zone 8 Finals; Zones are the last stage before the national finals and so are a very, very big deal! Our Zone is simply ENORMOUS, covering all states west of the Rockies... and Nebraska, which means that there were tons of teams from all over the Western United States here to compete. I got the fun of being "Official Zones Photographer" and borrowed my roommates awesome digital camera to take about 850 photos over the two days. It was so much fun, though my hands were definitely shaking a bit on Saturday after a 10 hour day of trying to hold a 3 lb lens steady!! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend:

(Practicing my panning technique in the low light conditions of Sunday)

(My roommate Fallon gives Toby a pat)

(Another pan, this time of Lando and a non-Stanford rider in their Over Fences class)

(Flashy Biscuit, ex-eventer and all around badass)

(Stanford rider Kate Fernhoff rides El Rey to the Intermediate Flat Championship!!)

(My favorite school horse, Stanley, in a flat class)

(Stanford rider KC Simon on Kalypso on the flat)

(Stanley thundering along; at 18.1hh he makes almost every rider's legs look short!)

(One of my favorite shots of the whole weekend: Luke)

(Me and Stan... Pure Love)

(Stanley puts up with my embarrassing behavior)

(The conditions were much nicer on Saturday and we were able to hold the show outside. Here's Jane on Toby for the win!)

(Chocky displayed some "unusual" jumping technique)

(Pi being a ham)

(Stanley rolling strong with all four hooves off the ground!)

(Awww... why I love the big guy so much)

(A handsome shot of Lando)

(Claire and Jack)

The icing on the cake for the team was coming home with the team championship and three individual championships! Even though I didn't compete with the team, most of my closest friends at Stanford are on the team and I was so proud and happy for all of them. They're off to Nationals in Kentucky at the beginning of May.

In other news, Ringo and Kiki have been doing great. Kiki has turned a corner in terms of relaxation and has been working well under saddle; I've been lunging her very briefly before each ride and I think I'm going to keep doing that for the short term until she settles in completely. Of course, she got the short end of the stick for the weekend, as I was too exhausted to rider after an all out marathon at the barn on Saturday and then too wet and cold from a miserable morning in the rain on Sunday to ride her, so this coming week should be interesting!! We'll be spending some quality time in the round pen, for sure.

Ringo should be having his first lesson since returning to Stanford tomorrow! Hopefully he'll carry over his perfect behavior (and I mean seriously perfect: canter half-passes, flying changes, counter canter... I even did a 4 tempi today just off the top of my head and he did it like we'd been practicing it all winter).


PruSki said...

Sounds like you are getting in the groove. Those are some awesome pictures and I am glad that y'all did well. It is good to hear the progression with your horses. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Andrea said...

Hey I know El Rey!! Or well, I heard lots about him from my old roomie from college. I will show her that pic!

Rachel said...

Super Cool stuff! Great shots!

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