Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In a Rolex Frame of Mind

"If you're like me, you've recently been walking around with an extra bounce in your step. Life has seemed richer and better, full of a sense of anticipation. The dogwoods are bursting, the hardy perennials are in full bloom, and the barn swallows are back. The other day I suddenly realized why I've been in such a good mood: I'm in a Rolex state of mind [emphasis mine]. The last weekend of April means its time for one of the biggest horse events on the continent, and 2010 looks as if it will be the best yet."
-Jim Wofford, April 16th Chronicle of the Horse

I couldn't have said it much better myself. The sun is finally shining (well, not today, but you get my drift), the barn swallows ARE out in extreme force, and, even though I'm pretty far from the action at the moment, there's just a good sense of excitement in the air. Rolex is one of my favorite weekends of the year, even though I've yet to go in person (this fall for WEGs, though, I'll be there and CANNOT WAIT!!). Now with the awesome live webcasting they do, it's almost as good, with pretty much every second of the weekend covered. I've definitely already set aside my Saturday for an entire morning of vegging and watching the best horses and riders in the US and abroad compete. This year is even more exciting, because someone I actually know personally will be riding! So. Exciting.

In other news, life has been moving right along here at Stanford at high speed. Ringo has been feeling awesome, and we've actually been enjoying the dressage recently. I can honestly say that I never thought I would say that... ever! Its so exciting because he's reached an all new level of relaxation, and from there can build up to much more complicated things. Now I can finally tap into Ringo's amazing education, and we've been half-passing and and medium-trotting our way to the best quality of gaits I've ever gotten out of him. I've even been persuaded by Rachel, my amazing dressage instructor up here, to enter a dressage show for the third weekend of May... at Fourth Level! Yikes!! I'm a bit nervous but very, very excited. It's going to be quite the adventure!

Kiki is also doing very well and finally relaxing. We did some little canter poles the other day and she was very well behaved, so I'm excited to get jumping soon.

For me, I've been playing polo and having a BLAST! I hit the ball for the canter for the first time on Sunday, which was seriously exciting, and am already addicted. I even want to test out Kiki to see if she would let me practice hitting off her this summer! (I know better than to try Ringo haha).


Rachel said...

I tried polo crosse once... it didn't go so well. Good luck with 4th level...and polo!

Fiona & George said...

I'm so excited you're playing polo! If you're around this summer maybe we can play together. I'm also glad to hear things with Ringo are getting better, good luck at the show!

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