Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kiki settles into Stanford

Here are some photos of Kiki on her second day at Stanford. As I've come to expect from her, she got off the trailer like she owned the place, took one look around, and settled right in. She's such a star!

Unfortunately, she came in from the field just before leaving Rancho with a big swelling on her hock which has just refused to go down, despite rest and sweat wrapping. Yesterday the vet came out for a second time and we decided to drain the swelling and inject a steroid to try to resolve the issue. She's still on stall rest for two more days; fingers crossed that she'll be feeling better by then! If not, then we'll have to look into more serious issues as the root of the problem. Ugh... Just another piece of EXCELLENT LUCK in the horse department that I've had of late.

(Kiki on the alert)

(Cute Kikiliki)

(Nom nom nom)

(Who's that?)

(The prettiest girl)


(Man, I like you)


Heidi said...

I love that second to last picture! I know how you feel about bad horse luck. My boy is recovering from a front suspensory injury and I've finally started trotting him under saddle. Well until Sunday when he got cast in his stall and skinned and cut up his back legs really bad. Now they are all swollen and nasty! So no riding again until he heals. He's only got one good leg right now. Dang horses!

Andrea said...

You'll have to say hello to my best friend and roomie from college, she is at Stanford with Vanessa and Buddy!

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