Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Ringo, What Have You Done Now?

Ringo Gets Hurt... Again

Ok, Ok. I'm being a touch overdramatic. I've really had quite good luck with Ringo for what a delicate flower he is in general and all the places we've been to and things we've done so far this year; in fact, the only injury-related vet visit of the year so far has been for Kiki! But, Ringo has come down with cellulitis in his hind left leg again, and I'm super bummed out. Fortunately he seems to be taking everything in stride, and I think has been enjoying the switch of hand grazes in place of work - lucky man! I think Ringo may have coordinated his injury with the end of grass season, just so he could gobble up the last of the green stuff before it dries up for the summer.

Meanwhile, Kiki is doing very well and had her first real dressage lesson today! It was a tough atmosphere with the wind kicking up and down, rain stopping and starting, and about 15 horses split up into 3 separate lessons all fighting for trafficking space on the rail. I usually try to protect Kiki a little bit from these kinds of situations, so it was a good time to force me to practice getting her attention in more chaotic situations. Overall, she was a star! She had moments of being super settled and quiet, and gave tons of good transitions. We came up with some strategies to make Ringo's tack fit her a little better (with the dream of someday having her own dressage bridle for her tiny little nose - sigh!) which I think will be super helpful going forward. I have felt so bad giving Kiki the shaft in the equipment department, and it was a good wake up call that she needs to have a little more attention paid to her in that regard. It was also so nice to hear that Rachel likes her! I've always felt like its been an uphill battle to get folks to see what I see in Kiki, but Rachel liked her right off the bat. Yay! I'm very excited to see what the next few weeks bring with her.

It seems like the rain is just never going to end here, and every time we have a glimpse of idyllic California spring, it promptly gets taken away from us with a week of fitfully blustery overcast skies and rain. And of course, because it's California, it never rains hard enough for me to really feel justified in complaining about it... but in a big openly designed campus like Stanford, it's still a huge pain in the ass. The cross country course still isn't open at Woodside, and I'd really like to get out schooling with Kiki before we move up to Novice at the event at the end of May!! Fingers crossed...

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