Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby's Got a New Pair of Shoes

Actually, between the two ponies we got six new pairs of shoes yesterday! (Kiki is still barefoot behind)

Ringo's feet in general looked really good. It's so interesting to see the difference between the soles of his padded front feet and his unpadded hind feet. The front feet Joe (my farrier) was easily able to cut and trim down, and the bits he trimmed felt soft and almost rubbery. The frog was looking good, but it was pretty small and it, too, was very easily trimmed back. His hind feet were a totally different story, with really big healthy frogs and soles so strong and tough that Joe had to re-sharpen his sole knife half way through! I definitely don't think that his front feet are unhealthy, but it's interesting to contemplate the long term effects of his feet in that airless environment. I'm glad that he only has to get pads in the summer when the ground is hard.

Kiki was excellent. Joe was really impressed with her big symmetrical feet (they've always one of her biggest selling points!). She's worn down her bare hind feet almost perfectly evenly and at a good rate of speed, so that Joe didn't have to do a thing to them. No flares, no chips, no cracks, and this is on a horse that lives on hard ground and jumps at least once a week! Impressive. She is reaching the limit of the rate at which she can grow hoof to replace what she wears down, so shoes are starting to appear on the horizon as her level of work increases, but for the moment she's doing great. The only thing of note was that there was a slight difference of wear between her left hind and right hind that matches perfectly with her patterns of stiffness in each direction. It's really cool to see how everything links together.

Today is an easy day to see how they've both settled into their new angles, and then it's a race to get in the last preps before the show!

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