Monday, May 31, 2010


I had Kiki at Woodside this past weekend for her very first Novice, and she was awesome!!! Calm, rideable, and jumped around to 6th in a fairly big division! I'm utterly exhausted and so will have many many more photos and a full recap tomorrow, but here are the few that I've been able to coerce my friends into sending me so far =) YAY KIKI!!!!

(Kiki looking sharp after a surprisingly good dressage test!)

(Kiki put up with MY nerves in the show jumping to have a great round. One rail at the last, but otherwise pretty faultless for where she is)

(I'm really pleased with the way Kiki's jump has been improving; she showed me over and over again this weekend what a big girl she's becoming, both physically and mentally)

(My friend Emily (badass showjumper) steps in as interim coach in a pinch and does a fabulous job)

(Kiki and I super excited after her awesome xc go this morning!!)

(Kiki may not look that into it, but I'm over the moon with how awesome she's been!! Spot on the time at her very first novice; what a cool horse)

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