Thursday, May 6, 2010

End of April Wrap Up and May Goals

Ok, so I'm quite late! But here's the April wrap up:

--By the end of the month feel happy and confident jumping Ringo on any given day, height not important
I will give this a half check. I really haven't been focusing on getting back into the jumping for the past month because I've been finding the dressage so enjoyable. A part of me also knows, however, that I haven't been getting back into the jumping because I am still a little shaken. I need to make myself bite the bullet and get going again because he is SO FUN to jump when we're on form!

--Get a "7" on a USEA/USDF Dressage test!
I didn't compete this month, so no "7"s - but May will provide at least 4 opportunities, so fingers crossed!

--Get more consistency in Kiki's trot fences (or rather, her ability to cope with them)
Ehh, not really. Kiki has been super fresh in the jumping this month, and I think I need to devote more time to getting her over fences on a regular basis. It's just not fair to ask her to come out, once a week, and be calm and settled, when at Gina's (which was a much less frenetic environment anyway) I jumped her three days in a row before she would get really calm.

--Take my first dressage lesson with Kiki!
YES! And Rachel loved her!

--Take Kiki foxhunting
Nooo... This month??

--Feel confident over 3' courses on Kiki on any given day
I'm thinking yes, though she is a firecracker at the moment

--Perform Novice A on Kiki, at home or in competition, with smoothness and obedience (No fit pitching!)
At home, yes; we'll see how it goes in competition!

--Continue to improve Ringo's acceptance of leg, suppleness and elasticity
YES; the dude has never felt better!

--Improve Ringo's Medium Trot!
Yes! Getting better.

--Have a fun competitive outing, either at Twin or Weatherford or both or somewhere else completely as long as its fun!
Nope; no competitive outings, but I'm not too shook up over it =)

--Really, I'd love to think that by the end of the month Ringo and I will be back on track and ready to move up to Intermediate again. I'll put that down as a goal, though at this point in time its more of a dream. We'll see.
Nope, but we're going 4th Level in three weeks, which is quite beyond my wildest dreams!

--Find an instructor/coach and have a blast!
YES; I'm loving Rachel and Beth. Yay!

--Get back into the groove at Stanford, being upfront with all professors about possible horse-related absences throughout the quarter and scheduling make up time for said absences
Yep; I'm a little behind on work at the moment, but I can't blame the horses for that! In general the quarter is going well.

Again, not bad! I need to be a lot more proactive in the jumping, both for Kiki and for Ringo, but in general the opening of May is looking a million times better than I thought it would at the opening of April. I definitely think the overall goal of getting happy and confident again with my horses was achieved, and then some.

Ok, so for May:

--Have a good move up with Kiki at Woodside, meaning:
----Have an obedient dressage test
----Jump clean and calm on sj and xc
----Good show grounds behavior
--"7" on rider!
--Debut Ringo at 4th Level without embarrassing ourselves
--Keep Ringo calm, relaxed, and happy in the ring
--get canter half pass and walk pirouettes nailed down
--break 60% at 4th
--get Kiki calmer and relaxed in the jumping
--get back into jumping with Ringo!
--Finish up the quarter well
--Get horse hotels lined up for trip home
--Take Kiki foxhunting
--Work the trot-canter transitions with Kiki to improve strength
--Get out to the hitting cage for polo at least once a week in addition to play and sets

It's going to be yet another busy month, but its hard to believe that in one month, a) I will be 21 years old!!!!!! and b) will be just eight days away from going home for the summer! Counting down the days... =)

Today's random photo:

(My first day riding Ringo in California... we'll be back to this soon!)

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Rachel said...

something else you can check of your list?
Making Rachel feel like a serious under-achiever? CHECK


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