Monday, May 3, 2010

Ms. Kiki goes to Washinton

...or, umm, the Horse Park. Whichever.

Today was Kiki's first introduction to the Horse Park at Woodside (which is also, luckily, the locale for our next event!), and she was a total star! I've come to expect quite good behavior from her when traveling to new places, but was still a bit apprehensive both because she's been quite wild recently and also because there is just something about Woodside that seems to light the horses up a bit. Add in the fact that an A rated Hunter/Jumper show was going on simultaneously, and the place had more than its fair share of atmosphere. In general she was really solid, though the crackling loud speakers and the sound of another horse cantering through the water the first time definitely surprised a little bit! She then warmed up really quite well, and was cantering around basically on a long rein.

When we went to jump she heated up a bit again (which was unlike her last few xc schools) and was a little hoppy in places to start. I was happy with my ride, which focused on being positive and forward but still with enough control to keep her contained, and se settled pretty well. By the end she was still jumping super boldly but felt attentive. And man did she jump well! We did:

- coop out of water
- coop into water, both on a long and short angled turn
- roll top out of water
- bank out of water (I think her first! Definitely my first with her)
- the Novice down bank
- one of the Training up banks
- a fairly spooky roll top bending downhill back down the same Training bank (!!)
- the first part of the Prelim bending line into the water (we just did the single rails with no combination, but they were still 3'3"!!)

She's so amazing! I love the feeling of her jump like woah. Even when she got a little wild (like on the downhill bending to the drop), she still made a decent effort to listen to me and stay under control. STAR.

I do think though that she might need to start going on some sort of supplement for her "lady problems" - she's not marish marish, per se, but she's more prone to tantrums and tense than she's been before and I think it has a lot to do with changing hormones. The vet has to come out soon to do spring shots, so maybe we can squeeze that in at the same time. Yay KIKI!!!

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