Monday, May 17, 2010

So Proud

... of Papa and Dually!!

This weekend was my dad and Dually's first event together! They went up to Hitching Post in Vermont to do the Novice. Apparently Dually was a total star! They had a good dressage warmup but then D got a little tense, according to Papa, when they went down to the ring. It sounds like he did a really good job convincing the dude to relax, though, because they ended up having a very respectable test and were mid-field after the dressage. Then, after a few hour wait, they changed tack and headed down to xc. Dually warmed up really well again, got a little high going into the box (his first time in since July of last year in the steeplechase at Rebecca Farm!), but then went out like the old pro that he is and had a super round. He got a little strong in places (mostly because Novice speed is so darn slow!!) but overall I think my dad was really pleased with him. Then they went directly over to stadium and had a nice clean round, finishing on their dressage score for 6th place in a pretty big division! Good job, Boys!!! I couldn't be prouder of both of them, and I'm so delighted both that Dually has found such a wonderful new job and that it can be with my Pa, who's probably one of the most deserving people in the world for a good horse like the Dude. I'm very very excited to see them go in the flesh! =)

(Pa and the Dude a long time ago, helping me cool out from a gallop before Young Riders)

(Pa has been a great groom for me and Dually; now I'm excited to try and pay back the favor a bit!)

(A lot of my fondest eventing memories involve Pa and Dually in some way; I couldn't be more pleased that they're now getting to form a partnership of their own)

My two ponies have been fabulous the past few days as well. They both had lessons on Friday, with Ringo practicing his tests for the dressage show this coming weekend (!!) and Kiki jumping to get ready for her event in two weeks. Ringo was EXCELLENT - he started out a bit tense but it was good as a means of practicing what he's probably going to be like at the show, and Rachel had some really good strategies for getting him extra loosened up. Then, the test practice was a huge relief: I still hadn't been totally convinced that we were going to be able to string all of these complicated movements together! But man, Ringo was a total genius. Rachel gave us some great notes after the first run through which I think we improved well on the second attempt, all of which mostly centered on me quieting my aids a hair and being a touch more patient in my planning for certain movements. If we can ride like that this weekend, I'll be really pleased! I'm so thankful for all the help Rachel has given me in the past few weeks; she's really helped me make dressage fun =)

(Prowler's feelin ready, Twinkle Toes are at Full Capacity)

Kiki was not to be outdone by the Black and White. She was the best she's ever been on Friday, loping through a solid 3'3" gymnastic basically on a long rein and then jumping 3'3" single fences like she's been doing it all spring. It was the first time in a lesson where I really felt like I had her listening and quiet. I was thrilled! And goodness does she have a fun jump!!

(Piggy's improving all the time!)

The ponies both get new shoes tomorrow, then its a final scramble to get ready for the show on Friday. Ringo needs to get (many) baths, I need to do some white laundry and get all my saddle pads and show clothes organized, all the tack needs to be cleaned and polished, and the trailer has to be tacked up in an at least semi-thoughtful manner. Not to mention the last minute rides, test-prep, and general excitement/anxiety combo that go with any show I'm really looking forward to. Wish us luck!!


PruSki said...

It is awesome that your Dad is having a great time too! Good Luck on Friday!

jenj said...

I don't know what your pre-show baths involve for Ringo, but my retired eventer was a black and white paint too (mostly white), so I know how hard it is to get them show clean!

The best way I found to get him sparkling white was to bathe him as usual with a gentle skin-conditioning shampoo, then when rinsing use the hose on a fan spray to work the dirt out from under the white parts of his coat. Next, fill a bucket about 1/2 full of water, add a generous squirt of Quick Color shampoo (NOT Quick Silver, you want Quick Color for a bold, bright white), and then add 5-7 drops of blueing to the water (you can get blueing at the grocery store on the laundry aisle). Take a sponge and liberally apply this to all the white parts - don't scrub, just let it soak in. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes while you use Quick Color to wash his mane, then rinse him all off. Don't let the Quick Color/blueing sit for too long or he'll turn purple! Basically the idea is that white with just a touch of purple/blue coloring looks brighter to the eye, so you want to dye them a bit purple so they look bright white.

If you want to see how white it gets them, there's a small picture of my retired guy on my blog at (in the left column). And, if you have any good tips on getting white horses whiter, please share!

Ashley said...

I wish I could get my dad to ride! That is awesome yall get to share a passion like that!

Just started reading and have really enjoyed myself so far! love your pictures too!

Katherine Erickson said...

thanks guys! I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy riding with my dad =)

jenj, i'll have to try that system! Fortunately my guy is pretty clean by nature (he's a very delicate flower) but his legs all get pretty dingy so that's what needs the most work.

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