Saturday, May 22, 2010

Woodside Dressage Day 2

Ringo is amazing!

Today's test was much improved over yesterday's. I really felt like the canter had a whole new level of rhythm and cadence that we've never been able to achieve in the arena before, and our medium and extended trots were like WOAH. We ended up scoring a 59%, which was annoying because it was SO CLOSE to being qualifying (if only we hadn't bobbled the first change!! Literally the separating factor between qualifying and not), but I was still super pleased. We got some really good marks (8 for our extended walk!! 7 on the extended trot! 7 on the shoulder ins and one of the canter half-passes!) and just one 4 on the first flying change (compared to 3 yesterday!). The judge's comments were positive, and I feel like it was a big step forward. An ounce more polish, and we'll be there. Plus, I just couldn't be more thrilled with Ringo's attitude, which was cool, calm, collected, and totally willing from start to finish, despite a ridiculously chaotic warmup, cold temperatures, and high winds!

Tomorrow we are signed up for a 4th level test, but I'm not totally feeling ready; I'd like to get the 3-3 a little more cemented before moving on. There aren't currently any openings for me to squeeze into a 3-3 slot tomorrow, but I'm heading back to the horse park in the morning to check. Otherwise, Ringo will get the day off and lots and lots of pats!

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