Sunday, May 9, 2010

Woodside Spring Classic


For the past two weeks, the local horse park has been running an "A"-rated Hunter/Jumper show. I was over watching a friend ride her horse in the 1.20s yesterday and, on a total whim, decided that I wanted to do some showing too! So, I signed Kiki up for some 2'9" jumper classes, and before I could even realize what I was getting myself into I was in the ring!

Kiki was A M A Z I N G. She trailered over well and chilled on the trailer alone (well, with just me) for almost an hour when it turned out that our arena was running late. She was a little rank in warmup, but fit-pitching was very minimal and she's been much worse before at home! I warmed up with some time to spare, then got off and let her graze and chill out for a little while. I think this strategy ended up being very helpful for her, because it gave her a chance to take a deep breath and realize that nothing bad was going to happen to her. I got back on with two horses to go and walked around for a bit, then went in the ring. She got right to work and was calm, relaxed, and rideable. We clocked around for a clear and made it to the jump off, where we were clear again!! We were pretty slow, but still ended up 8th - GOOD GIRL KIKI! This was the first ribbon we've won together, and I have to say I almost got choked up when I picked it up. I love her so much! We did a second 2'9" class and this time had a rail, but I was still so pleased with her; the rail happened when she didn't listen to my half halt and blasted herself into the base of an oxer, and after that mistake she listened much better and jumped fabulously! WHAT A STAR.

Meanwhile, Ringo and I have had some great rides the past few days. Yesterday his medium trot was the best I've ever felt on him, and on both days our trot and canter half-passes have been coming along really well. I got my ride times for the dressage show in 2 weeks; I'm pretty nervous but very, very excited! It's time for Rachel Boot Camp from now until then to get our tests polished up!


Beth said...

Yay! It's good to hear things are going so well and you and the ponies are having a good time gain!

eventer4life said...

That's so awesome! You guys seem like you're doing great! It's so cool that you're focusing on dressage more with Ringo now...I know that's helped me SO SO MUCH!

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