Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of May Wrap Up and June Goals

Wow, I really start to realize how fast the months are flying by when I sit down to do these goal reviews. I know that sounds really corny, but it's true. I'm currently enjoying (read: not studying) the last day before finals begin, contemplating what a year it's been. It's really hard to believe that I'm less than a week away from being halfway done with my Stanford experience. Crazy!! It's been a year with highs and lows, but I couldn't be happier with the way the spring has gone; it's been a dream to be back in school, and I feel completely revitalized in my relationship with school and, most importantly, with my horses.

Anyway, here were my May goals:

-Have a good move up with Kiki at Woodside, meaning:
----Have an obedient dressage test
(Yes!! What a miracle that was, but I couldn't have been more over the moon with her!)

----Jump clean and calm on sj and xc
(Yes; we had a rail in SJ but she never hesitated and was very mature in her approach to all three phases)

----Good show grounds behavior
(Yes; after her one meltdown on Thursday, she was a total star. I'm pretty sure she gained weight over the weekend from all the hay she got to loll around eating in between her rides!)

--"7" on rider!
(Grr... no. I've looked at the pictures and I don't really understand why I didn't get a 7 at Woodside, but that's dressage judging!)

--Debut Ringo at 4th Level without embarrassing ourselves
(Yes on the not embarrassing ourselves, no on the 4th Level. We easily could have done a 4-1 test, but chose to stick at 3-3 through the weekend to get it more solidified. I'm so happy with how he handled it all.)

--Keep Ringo calm, relaxed, and happy in the ring
(Yes!! Man, he was fabulous. Even at a spooky show like Woodside, he really buckled down and gave me everything he had. What a STAR!)

--get canter half pass and walk pirouettes nailed down
(Both got a lot better, though we've still got a ways to go!)

--break 60% at 4th
(Nope, but we came SO CLOSE at 3-3!)

--get Kiki calmer and relaxed in the jumping
(Yes; she's really had some good moments this month, and in general many fewer bad moments.)

--get back into jumping with Ringo!
(Yes! We had an awesome jump lesson yesterday. We're still chillin low, but he was super fabulous and was peeking much less. GOOD BOY.)

--Finish up the quarter well
(I've just got to survive finals, and then I can say Yes to that too! I've been pretty happy with how my quarter's gone, so I've got a bit of pressure to keep up the trend in Finals. The good side is, of course, that even with a pretty bad showing I'm very certain that I'm going to pass everything!)

--Get horse hotels lined up for trip home
(Yes with a caveat. I've heard from two of the three places I want to stay and we have hotels, but the Grand Island fairgrounds are proving a bit slippery. Fingers crossed!)

--Take Kiki foxhunting
(Nope; way too busy! It's a shame because the season's now over. Next fall!)

--Work the trot-canter transitions with Kiki to improve strength
(Yes; I was really proud because this was something we really did focus on and I felt the improvements as the month went on. We've just got to keep going)

--Get out to the hitting cage for polo at least once a week in addition to play and sets
(No; polo really had to take a back seat with all the showing I ended up doing)

Man, I had a lot of fun this past month! The ponies were good, the weather finally turned to spring, and I was constantly reminded how lucky I am. I would be really pleased if June could be a continuation of the same. So, for June:

--Get home safe and sound with both ponies and all my crap.
--Have a good re-debut for Ringo at Groton House, meaning:
----calm and pleasant in his stall and on the grounds
----positive jumping experiences
----the same great dressage we've been doing of late in an eventing setting!
--Have a good second Novice for Kiki at Groton House, meaning:
----calm and quiet in all three phases
----a clean show jumping round would be nice!
----a clean, educational ride xc
--"7" on Rider (it's going to happen eventually this year!!)
--Get summer schedule ironed out
--Turn 21!! (Three days =D)
--Do at least one non-horsey, non-loafing-around-the-house thing a week.

I CANNOT WAIT to get home again. Last night it was hot and muggy in my room and I was lying flat out on top of the covers, trying to get cool enough to go to sleep, and thinking of how many nights in the coming three months were going to be spent like that. Even though that's hardly one of my favorite things about summer in an old New England farmhouse with no A/C, it's definitely an experience, and not one that I've had for far too long. I'm so excited!

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