Thursday, June 24, 2010

Groton House Bound!

(One of my favorite shots that I took of Groton House last year)

The trailers are packed, the tack is clean, the boots are polished, the ponies are clean (well, for the moment)... we're ready to go to a horse show! Papa and I will be heading out in about a half hour; we're taking one last rest in the relative cool of the house before facing the heat again (though a breeze has picked up and brought clouds in... hmmm...) for the final push.

I have to say that I'm really excited! I think both the ponies are in good places right now, even if I did wish I had a bit more time to get both settled in and relaxed at the farm before taking them off to a show. Both of them felt great today; I think I've given them as good a shot as I could to do well.

I probably won't be able to give another update until the weekend is over, as I'm sleeping at the show grounds in my trailer: we didn't get a hotel because we're only 45 minutes away but we did stable, banking on the fact that we'd have civilized enough ride times to give us enough time to get there in the morning and feed without having to leave at the crack of dawn... the gamble didn't work in our favor, though, when Kiki got all 8am ride times! So I'll be staying over each night to do night check and morning grain, while Papa can go home and do night check for the rest of the guys at home.

Wish us luck!

(The [in]famous Groton House water)


Andrea said...

You might see me up there on XC day - I scored a Saturday off and damnit I want to see some XC before the year is over!! Good luck!

Country Sporthorse said...

Good Luck!

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