Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ponies were so much better today! I think they felt bad for how much they stressed me out yesterday (haha probably not but I can always believe). They both went straight out to their paddocks, chilled and ate grass all day with no histrionics, and then came in quietly at dinnertime and settled into their evening routine.

I can't describe how good it feels to be back home. It's hot, it's sticky, and it's perfect. I forgot how great it was to be able to leave the arena every day, even if its just to go for a little tool around the field. I did a little bit of field dressage with Kiki, which was wicked difficult because it brings out her lack of balance, but I think if used correctly is really going to help bring a positive change to her way of going. I just can't get frustrated when she inevitably loses her balance and goes ripping off on her forehand down the hill!

It's also really interesting to feel Ringo in the field. Our hill is not very steep or long whatsoever, and yet trying to canter up the hill in a light, slow, even balance is pretty much beyond him right now. I've been feeling this weakness come up as rushing in his lateral work in the canter and, I can easily imagine, would also affect his anxiety about jumping, but it was really informative to feel it so clearly in this exercise. I popped him over a few crossrails today after getting his hind end in gear on the hill, and he was wonderfully relaxed and confident. They were just x's, yes, but his canter had a really nice ease and cadence. I think I'm going to be finding myself going up and down that hill a lot on both horses in the next few weeks and months!

Here's what I'm talking about:

This is me and Dually (and my dog Wiley!) going for my last gallop before I left for college in 2008. As you can see, the hill really isn't much to write home about, but it was definitely enough to bring out both Ringo and Kiki's weaknesses. I'm excited to see how being able to use it can help us out!

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