Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Road Trip 2k10: a Brief Update

This has got to brief because I'm writing from my dad's fancy pants new iPhone, which also has our directions (I'm also quite stupid at writing on this thing so can't do anything quickly. My computer has run out off batteries and I packed wayyyy too securely to get the chord out last night, but the trip is going quite well still. We got into Grand Island, NE, last night after a really beautiful drive through Wyoming, where the views were alien and stunning and we even saw cowboys on horseback from the road! The ponies liked Grand Island and settled in well, though neither finished their bran mashes all the way. Since they drank well and vacuumed up their hay, though, I'm not worried. They were definitely comfortable, as they were both flat asleep when we showed up to load them this morning! We had a moment of panic worrying that they'd escaped when we didn't see their heads right away, but after a few seconds of our headlights shining on their stalls, they both popped up very cutely and poked their faces out to say good morning.

Ringo has gotten better and better on the road, and actually took whole sips of water at our last stop!! Kiki continues to impress and, besides having released herself from her tie 4 times now, has been a model citizen. Good girl!!

The ride today has been pretty boring but relatively smooth. Papa and are still reeling from the all-brown Ultra Midwestern dinner we got at "Tommy's," a diner in Grand Island that specialized in "broaster chicken," which apparently is chicken that has been pressure-fried. Dad got it, and man, it was epic: a massive plate loaded with fried chicken, baked beans, and fries, all with a side of iced tea. We got pictures and I'll try to upload it when we get home.

We're in Indiana now and getting ever closer to our stopover destination of Castalia, OH. It's hard to believe we're almost 3/4ths of the way home!! Fingers crossed that the rest of the trip goes just as smoothly.

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