Friday, June 11, 2010

Road Trip 2k10: The Countdown Begins

We're getting close! Tonight is laundry night, tomorrow the vet comes to drop off the paperwork I filed earlier in the week and I head over to jiffy lube to get Billie Jean serviced, and Sunday everything gets packed up and ready to go. I'm getting so excited! Both the ponies are feeling good and I've started introducing them to bran tonight so that I can use it as a hydration tool during the trip if necessary. Ringo is still suspicious, despite additions of salt, Gamma (super oil supplement), and sugar (aka: The Triangle of French Cooking - what pony could resist??). Kiki, on the other hand, took two sniffs and chowed down; I knew there was a reason I liked this horse =).

I'm going to try to blog during the trip; I've been looking at the photos from our last cross country odyssey-- when we took Dually, Billie Jean, and all my stuff to Stanford-- to get pumped! Here's Road Trip 2k8 in photos:

(Hacking in Michigan)

(Michigan sunrise... out over the soybean fields! Dually had no idea what to make of the soy, half wanting to eat it and half HIGHLY suspicious of it)

(Hacking out in Michigan again - improbably wearing a sweater in August? Who knows. The dude is so shiny!!)

(Dually surveying the Kum n Go in central Iowa with interest)

(BIG!! Windmills in Iowa)

(Dually eating grass in Ames, Iowa)

(Enjoying a good roll after a long day on the trailer!)

(An early morning at a truck stop in Nebraska. The gas station had an attached restaurant whose speciality was (shocker here) ... corn.)

(Nebraska corn fields)

(Nebraska cattle country, mercifully cloaked by fog. Also, check out that speed limit! God bless this country)

(Dually enjoying his pipe corral in Golden, Colorado: by far out favorite stopover of the trip)

(HUGE rock formations in Southern Utah. It's impossible to describe the scale and beauty of this region of the country. It may have been painfully, creepily lonely out in that windswept desert, and there may have only been gas every hundred miles, but it was my favorite scenic section of the trip by far)

(The open road on the Utah border)

(Lunar landscapes in southern Utah)

(Dually soaks up some Utah rays by day...)

(... and enjoys a gorgeous sunset in Parowan, Utah that evening.)

(Nevada in the wee hours of the morning)

(California at last!! It was 105ยบ at this point... I was pretty sure Dually was going to roast inside the trailer.)

(The Golden State)

(Our first ride at Stanford, our new home at last!)

Ahh, what a fun trip that was! I can't for the new adventures that this one will unfold.

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PruSki said...

Wow! What a trip. Those are some beautiful pictures.

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