Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Road Trip 2k10: Part I - California, Nevada, Utah

Well we've officially made it one quarter of the way! Papa and I had a beoootiful drive up through Lake Tahoe (where we were above the snowline in Donner Pass!) and then across Nevada and into Utah, ending in Salt Lake City. The ponies travelled really well (though Ringo was, of course, a bit of a fuss budget), and Kiki especially surprised me with her maturity and relaxation on what has been by far the longest trip of her life. Big plus also: Ringo and Kiki are actually getting along! They will probably get a bit tired of each other by Day 4, but this evening as I was grazing both of them they shared a tiny square of clover and did nothing more than prick their ears at one another. Good ponies! I took tons of photos on Pa's digital camera but Papa forgot the uplink cable at home (since I don't own a digital camera myself, I don't have one), so the photos will have to wait until we're safely back in Carlisle. So here's a verbal break down of how today went:

3:45 am - wake up. Booooooooooo.

4:15 am - head out to barn; realize half way out there that I've left my bike in the dorm rack, where it will be thrown away if I leave it there over the summer. Detour for a quick rescue operation.

4:30 am - arrive at barn and begin the last stages of packing, hooking up, feeding, gastrogarding, and wrapping the ponies.

5:25 am - it's go time! We wanted to leave at 5 but hey, not too shabby.

6:00 am - NO SAN FRANCISCO TRAFFIC. Thank you, God.

8:30 am - first refuel in Weimar, CA. Ponies are lookin good.

10:00 am - snow in the Sierras! in fact, lots of snow! In fact, we are well above the snow line! And it's pretty chilly!

11:30 am - salt flats, steam vents, strange igneous rock formations, and an utter lack of permanent settlements make us wonder if Nevada is, in fact, The Twilight Zone.

noon - second refuel in Lovelock, NV. Banners all around town read: "Lock your love where your love is always locked." Really.

2:30 pm - pronghorn sightings! Awesome.

3:00 pm - third refuel in Elko, NV, "Home of Cowboy Poetry." The sign for the Restrooms at the gas station is spelled "Restroom's." Pa and I question what poets would hang out in a place like this.

3:3o pm - Nevada is gorgeous! Giant valleys, beautiful green riparian zones along flowing green rivers, glacial leave-behinds and stubborn igneous hangers-on make for a Nerd's Paradise, and Pa and I pass a great deal of time playing "Guess how far the horizon is?" and "What's that rock formation called?"

4:00 pm (now 5:00 pm with the time change) - We enter Utah, straight into the Bonneville Salt Flats. We spend an hour oohing and ahhing at pure white plains and floating mirage mountains.

6:30 pm - fourth refuel in Delle, UT, which appears to be a single dilapidated Sinclair gas station and nothing else. The ponies are still chillin, and we promise them that the end is in sight.

7:30 pm - hello Salt Lake City State Fairpark! After 15 minutes of wandering around the park, we find the barns and unload. I take the ponies for a nice graze while Papa gets the stalls set up. Both Kiki and Ringo look happy, calm, and generally no worse for wear, and eat with relish. We try to take pictures and fail miserably.

8:30 pm - ponies tucked in for the night, Pa and I find dinner and get awesome frozen custard at a 50's-esque diner near our hotel. A good end to the day!

Tomorrow is another early day, with the rest of Utah, all of Wyoming, and half of Nebraska to cover. Wish us luck!


Country Sporthorse said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Glad to hear the horses are enjoying the trip as well.

Good luck on your next travel day!

Andrea said...

Road trip winnnnnn! And saw your name on GHF's entry status... and your dad's too! Cause I'm a creep! (and am sadly wishing I was going too... boooooo)

Heidi said...

Yay! Glad you are safely on your way. If I ever move from WA to someplace on the east coast, I certainly know who I'm going to for tips on moving my pony ;-) And those dumb grammar errors always bug me! I'm glad I am not the only one who notices.

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