Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Road Trip 2k10: Safely in Ohio

Phew! After 886 miles and a solid 14 hours on the road, Papa and I are safely settled into our hotel in Sandusky, OH (home of Cedar Point, apparently one of the biggest theme parks in America - our waitress at dinner tonight spent 15 minutes expressing shock that we could stop in Sandusky and not ride at least one roller coaster). The trip today ended up being very long but also mercifully very smooth. We had to wake up at a completely ungodly hour, and after the past few long days on the road I was feeling pretty physically sick as we headed out to load the ponies. Fortunately, Pa is an amazing morning driver and took the unwanted first pre-dawn leg while I passed out, while I took over for the midday siesta period after lunch.

The scenery was quite pretty today but got pretty repetitive - it's hard when you've been spoiled by such strange and beautiful landscapes for two days solid. Still, we had a good day passing the time with Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass series (we're on the last one and have already finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - hopefully we can make it through tomorrow!) and playing "Name the State Motto" (Very hard - who new Alabama's is "The Heart of Dixie"? Or that Maine is "The Pine Tree State"?) and "Name the State Capitol" (easier - my dad and I are huge nerds).

The ponies were total stars the whole way, even though it was significantly hotter and more humid today than either of them have felt in a long time in fair-weathered Palo Alto. They both drank (Ringo took actual sips! Huge improvement) and ate with gusto. I'm very proud of them, and hope they can hold onto the good behavior for one more day.

We pulled into Maple Crest Farm, the ponies' stopover for the evening, just as the sun was setting. The owner came running out to greet us and was incredibly kind and knowledgeable right from the start. They have 55 Tennessee Walkers on property, all of whom seemed happy and well taken care of. It was also a welcome change to have her insist on seeing Ringo and Kiki's cogginses and health certificates; this is something that just isn't done often enough at these overnight facilities, and it definitely put Maple Crest high on our all-time stopover favorite list. The ponies got two round pens that are right next to each other and within close eyesight of most of the horses on the farm. They had a blast right off the bat, rolling copiously and letting off huge bucks to show off to the Maple Crest horses. After two days of being either in the trailer, in small box stalls, or on controlled hand walks and grazing sessions, I'm sure it felt great to get to stretch their legs a bit! They were just settling down to eat dinner as we left; hopefully they don't have too much fun tonight =)

Tomorrow is the last leg of the trip, and the shortest (at 731 miles). I can't wait to be home. Here's to another successful day on the road!

Here are a couple of photos we've taken on my dad's phone (just a preview of the hundreds I've taken on the digital camera!!):

(The open road in Wyoming yesterday)

(Pa behind the wheel just outside of Cheyenne, WY)

(The broaster chicken dinner at Tommy's in Grand Island... Epic. check out the light-up tinsel American flag in the background!)

(A big gorgeous Nebraska sunrise!)

(Crossing the Mississippi - Man, it feels great to be officially back in the East!!)


SmartAlex said...

Ride the roller coasters?!? Doesn't she know one of the best original antique carousels in the country is at Cedar Point?

You're in my neck of the woods today... I can almost see Chautauqua Lake from my office window.

Safe Travels!

PruSki said...

I grew up in Northern Indiana and for our 8th grade graduation, our class went ot Cedar Point. I hate roller coasters....nice. I wouldn't have gone while passing through either.
The pictures are amazing and how fun to spend all that time with your Dad. Glad you are taking time to enjoy the trip, instead of getting all stressed out.

Haley said...

I've been somewhat of a lurker on your blog for a while & just came across this post. I live right in that area & have ridden at Maple Crest before. Too funny!

Katherine Erickson said...

Haha what a small world! The folks at Maple Crest are so nice; I was sad we couldn't stop over there again this year.

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