Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road Trip 2k10: Uh Oh!

Well, after such a smooth trip something had to go wrong, right? When we left Ohio this morning (after an awesome sleep in until 6:30!) we heard a strange ticking/flapping noise, but we couldn't identify it's source so we kept going. All seemed well and the noise mostly went away as we traveled into Pennsylvania and western New York. We were going to be home before we knew it!!

Then, at the 5 hours to go mark, the lights started flashing. Uh oh!! The check engine light and a half dozen others, all while temperature gauge suddenly dropped to nothing. Yikes!! We pulled off as soon as we could and fortunately landed in moderate civilization so the there was a gas station and mechanic right off the exit. The mechanic's just been out and diagnosed the issue (frayed belt that busted a hole in the antifreeze hose) and is now fetching his tow truck to get us to the shop. This will definitely be the first time I'll have seen a hitched and loaded trailer on the end of a tow truck!

We're still quite optimistic that we'll be able to get home tonight. I'll keep the updates coming as we get them!


Rachel said...

Good Luck.
I just left dinner with my "date" and when he got there his hood was smoking and he had busted a radiator hose! Maybe the stars are aligned for break downs! I hope its an easy fix and the ponies hold out ok.

cindy lou said...

oh no! at least from my limited mechanic-ing, a fan belt and hose should be relatively easy. hope y'all made it home safe!

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