Friday, June 18, 2010

Settling In and More Photos

Well, today was the ponies' first day on the farm, and I wish I could say it went perfectly smoothly. As I feared, however, Kiki and Ringo ended up getting VERY attached to one another on the trip, and did NOT like getting put in separate barns and then paddocks where they could barely see each other. There was a good deal of pathetic whinnying and running around, which really stresses me out, and then Kiki topped it by loping up to the gate, jumping straight out, and galloping around like an idiot trying to get to Ringo. I was walking out to try to calm her down when she did it, and it freaked me out so much I felt like I was going to throw up. I really don't like seeing the horses wild and running out in the fields; I can't get images of them slipping, falling, and shattering something out of my head. Since my dad's first horse broke his leg in a winter ice-related pasture accident about 10 years ago, I have some founding in this paranoia.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened and they did settle down eventually, but I was pretty green at the gills by the time I headed back up to the house. It's tough because I simultaneously really don't believe in giving in to them when they're being like this; allowing them to be together now just delays the issue. It doesn't solve anything. So, while they're weaning off of one another, it's about minimizing risk (and trying to keep my heart rate down as well as theirs'!). They ended up having a great and relaxed day right up until feeding time, where an error on my part (where I wrote the wrong paddock/stall assignments for them on the board) caused them to go nuts again. I got them settled down eventually and then actually had great rides on each, but it was a pretty stressful day for me overall. I hope they settle in soon (Ringo especially - Kiki is pretty much set).

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos from the trip:

(In Wamsutter, WY - a very, very open place)

(Driving in the Great Divide Basin - the only place in the country where you can cross the Continental Divide twice!)

(Nebraska Cows)

(Papa keeping Billie Jean looking fly)

(Kiki enjoying some Nebraska grass)

(Ringo investigates some flowers)

(The Gang in Grand Island, NE)

(Ringo approves of Ohio)

(Kiki was a fan, too)

(Ringo is a blur! Really it was just so low light that I had to use wicked long shutter speeds... I'm pretty sure he's walking in this photo)

(Pa tries to find the source of Billie Jean's engine trouble)

(Not a sight you see every day!! Especially since there are two ponies in that trailer!)

(The ponies being very good and patient while Billie Jean gets repaired in Conastota, NY)

(sooo cute)

(Precursor to the insanity that is their current separation)

Tomorrow I'm hoping they will be a little more settled. The paddock assignment error has also been fixed, so they'll have the best shot possible at being good. Hear that, Ringo and K-I? No excuses for anything but calm!!

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